On the web Gambling May Be Trim Off By New Legislation 23893578

There is a fresh regulation waiting to be fixed by President Bush that was presented to Congress which is holding the $12 thousand online gambling industry by means of a bond. It seems that Tennessee Senator Invoice Frist, released the invoice on Weekend by becoming a member of the idea to the Safe and sound Port Action before Our elected representatives took the election recess in November.

The Against the law Internet Poker Enforcement Act that is anticipated to be signed by Us president Rose bush, will practically down most online gambling sites by way of making it illegal for any standard bank, credit greeting card company or on-line transaction system to practice almost any payments being made to be able to online gambling companies.

Often the new regulation states that Online Gambling web sites are now banned from receiving any type of take a look at, credit card or even electronic transfer payments intended for web gaming in the US ALL together with seriously puts typically the industry in chaos.

Astonished at 놀이터추천 passing regarding this new debilitating legislation, the leaders in typically the online gaming industry required drastic steps and began to advantage stock with the London Stock Exchange which usually erased $8 million from the market. PartyGaming, the particular world’s greatest online gambling internet site said that they will would cease their ties with the 920, 1000 active US customers with which they are dealing only when Bush truly clues the new act.

Although the fresh law hasn’t yet recently been autographed, the industry is currently being drastically affected. PartyGaming’s stocks alone have fallen 60% ending up from a new measly. 81 pence a good share. Other web sites like SportingBet and 888 Holding were also affected by simply the change and possess since lost the fortune upon their shares. 888 Running, for example, had a new 48% decrease on their particular shares dropping them decrease to $1. 49 about the British Market in addition to announced that it had been going to no longer keep on its online gambling business enterprise in the United States.

This isn’t the very first Action, however, that provides given the federal government power in order to break down the on the internet poker industry. Under the particular 1961 Cord Act, this federal government has the directly to brake down on-line gambling in sports, online poker and other casino games of which are regarded as illegal beneath the law.

It is significantly debilitating the industrial sectors economic system because the US consumer market is responsible intended for 50-60% with the on the net poker revenue. These kinds of critical laws and regulations against the on the net poker site owners are pushing companies to shut straight down or maybe move out yet what’s apparent is the fact that they are no more lengthy welcome in the United States.

The Madam Chairman on the Fun Video games Council, File suit Schneider, possesses predicted the fact that over 5 hundred companies managing close to two, 300 online gambling sites all-around the world will become experiencing disintegration and may most likely be easily wiped out of the sector as a whole. The small amount of companies of which manage to live through this specific extraordinary crisis will have to live with a massive cut back in their revenue and body out new ways regarding growing again. The idea of opening up in the Asian market has grow to be a favored idea for most.

On-line Gambling May Be Trim Off By simply New Legislation 4353345

There is a new laws waiting to be signed by President Bush which has been presented to Our lawmakers which is holding the $12 billion online gambling industry by simply a place. It seems that Tennessee Senator Invoice Frist, unveiled the bill upon Wednesday by joining the idea to the Good Port Function before The legislature took its election break in Nov.

The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act that is anticipated to end up being signed by Us president Rose bush, will practically complete almost all online gambling sites by making it illegal regarding any loan provider, credit greeting card company or on the internet payment system to task almost any payments being made for you to online gambling companies.

The new legislation states that will Online Gambling internet sites are usually now banned from taking any type of check, credit card or even electric transfer payments regarding net gaming in the INDIVIDUALS together with seriously puts the particular industry within chaos.

Shocked at the passing associated with this new debilitating rules, the leaders in often the online poker industry needed drastic actions and began to advantage stock about the London Stock market which will erased $8 billion via the field. PartyGaming, the world’s major online playing web page said that that they would cease his or her scarves with the 920, 000 active US customers with which they are dealing only when Bush basically signals the new act.

Although the fresh rules hasn’t yet also been fixed, the industry is already being drastically affected. pokerclub88 have decreased 60% ending up with the measly. 81 pennies some sort of share. Other web sites like SportingBet and 888 Holding were also affected by means of the change and still have considering lost some sort of bundle with their shares. 888 Keeping, for example, had the 48% decrease on their shares losing them along to $1. 38 in the British Market together with announced that it was going to not anymore proceed its online gambling company in the United Says.

This isn’t the first Action, however, that features given the federal government power to be able to break down the online poker industry. Under this 1961 Insert Act, this federal government has this to brake down on the web wagering in sports, poker along with other casino games that are widely known as illegal below the law.

It is very seriously debilitating the companies economic climate because the US consumer market is responsible for 50-60% on the online gambling revenue. These kind of essential laws and regulations against the on-line playing site owners are pressuring companies to shut decrease or move out nevertheless what’s distinct is of which they are no more welcome in the usa.

The Madam Chairman in the Fun Gambling Council, File a claim Schneider, features predicted that will over five hundred companies operating close to two, 300 gambling online sites around the world will turn out to be confronting extinction and can most likely become easily wiped out of the industry all in all. The small variety of companies of which manage to live through this particular outstanding crisis will include to live with a massive cut back upon their income and number out new ways involving growing again. The idea of opening up in the particular Asian market features turn into a favored idea for numerous.

How it all started About Online Betting 425262

Ever considering that the internet became prevalent and simple to access in this late 1990’s, on the web bets has turn into immensely favorite all over the planet, branching out into almost all the familiar issues with wagering such as online casino playing and sports wagering. Poker and college field hockey betting can be two connected with the most popular styles of betting available online. On the internet sportsbook gambling includes betting on sports activities video games and events that may include things like basketball, baseball, footballing and others. Online horse bets is another kind connected with betting which usually attracts expert betters and even newbies that have never possibly been recently to a horse race.

Advantages of Online Betting

Many advantages help on-line gambling be popular amongst those who prefer to try their luck without even moving out of their homes. These include:

Being equipped to start using a credit cards
All types of bets accessible on just a number of websites
Complete anonymity
Quick access to funds by way of credit card
Online bets to first enhance capabilities
In addition, if gambling online, you generally just upload funds towards the specific website or even firm you have registered with, employ those funds to make gambling bets and then cash out your earnings, if you transpire for you to have any kind of. You are able to use your credit as well as money card to challenge money to your bill and cash out using. Some United States bankers could prohibit using their particular cards regarding online gambling so you might locate your card turned down in the event you do not understand ahead of time whether you are usually helped to use it. You may be ready fund your account with a check or maybe a wire transfer, also, according to the policies involving the gambling site.

Legality of Online Bets

Even though a lot of laws in addition to serves relating to betting online have been recently tossed close to, the particular issue of the legitimacy involving online betting has got even so not really recently been settled. Adviser Barney Outspoken unveiled the web Gambling Legislation and Enforcement Act in 2007, which usually sought to legalize online gambling. One other representative, James McDermott, also proposed something called often the Internet Gambling Regulations and even Tax Enforcement Act, which often describes how to control online betting websites while collecting taxes on gamble made by anyone approaching to that will site. Like of today, the invoice is being outlined together with nothing offers recently been basically determined regarding the legality involving betting online.

As Slot Online as the gambling web site is reputable and your own personal bank or investment company enables you in order to use your credit card on the online gambling web site, then there looks to be not avoid you from gambling on-line. And so do fun and good luck!

Choosing a license is the common fact nowadays

In comprar cnh original in order to point out the bureaucracy, also much time through the option of taking a licence to training in driving a vehicle school, the aggravating issue of having paying expenses and other charges anytime it is disapproved.

In summary these are typically the straightforward excuses and grievances that lead people to obtain a driving license.

Finally, following selecting the category that will qualify, is actually period to look for typically the DMV of your area.

In other words, throughout add-on to having in order to pay for this particular modification as well as inclusion, the driver will be subjected to a new sensible evaluation with some sort of auto similar to often the one he expects for you to drive.

Types of CNH different types: discover the five categories to get driving permit

Currently, there are several types associated with driving licenses in the streets in Brazil.

You can find 5 various categories of CNH plus ACC that include almost all vehicles that can possibly be driven in the united kingdom.

But carry out you know what type of motor vehicle each group allows they are driving?

All CNH categories get their characteristics and even differ, around improvement to be able to other properties, primarily by the total gross fat of the motor vehicle motivated.

As outlined by Detran, these may be the groups and their particularities:

Class A: Engine vehicle with two or even three tires, with or without a new sidecar. Ex.: Motorcycle, Moped, Scooter or Tricycle;
Class B: Automobiles whose total gross weight does definitely not exceed 3500 kg or whose total capacity does not necessarily exceed 8 seats, excluding that involving typically the motorist. Ex.: Auto, pickup truck, van, utility car.
Group C: Vehicles employed to transfer cargo and exceeding 3500 kg. Former mate: Truck.
Classification D: Cars used for often the travel of passengers, as their total capacity is greater than 08 guests, eliminating the driver. Ex: Micro-bus, Bus.
Category E: Automobiles of categories B, D or even D and whose coupled, trailer, semi-trailer, trailers or articulated unit possesses 6, 000 kg or potential for more in comparison with 8 chairs.
ACC Admission: Two- or three-wheel motor vehicles with switch on to 50 cc. Ex: Mopeds.

To get category Electronic, yet in order to be known: Motor vehicle mixture driver with more than a single traction unit, no matter of traction capacity or perhaps total major weight.

Order Original Diploma – What exactly are the requirements to be able to change categories at CNH?

Find out what that takes for you to be able to be able to change classes on CNH (driver’s license)

one. Type A: Minimum grow older of eighteen (eighteen) yrs;
2. Classification B: Also Minimum regarding 18 (eighteen) years;
a few. Category Chemical: Have training course in classes “B” no less than one yr, do not commit some sort of serious, very serious infraction or commit more compared to one regular infraction around the period of twelve months.
4. Category D: End up being at least 21 decades old, own been recently skilled for at least two years in category B, at least one year in classification “C” and do not commit a critical, very really serious infraction or use even more than one average infraction from the period 12 many months.
5. Group E: Now have at least one yr of qualification in classification “C” and do certainly not commit some sort of serious, very serious infraction or devote more than one common misdemeanor in the interval of 12 months.

You need to pass a specialized course and a training course for vehicular practice in addition to at risk, throughout compliance with the CONTRAN rules.

Risks when driving with no license

25 of Resolution no. 385, of July 13, 2010, that is about the traffic instructor regarding their training and certification, to comply with often the management and pedagogical determinations structured on learning to drive.

The main objective of this article was to be able to identify and even report the particular effects of standardization in addition to qualification of direct work as a good requirement with regard to typically the rendering of the desirable standardization system.

As a result choosing a bakery firm, located in Juina MT, as the object connected with study.

In this technique, a bibliographic review with the subject was completed, and a case study was carried out.

In often the focus of traffic offenses, do not harmonize having the understanding that we may be ingrained in the summary element related to the eventual deceit, if this latter have not get the risk of producing results.

Even so, as reproachful and imprudent as typically the carry out developed by it may be, as seen in the situation known like “crack”, by which there will be death, the hypothesis of conscious guilt is usually publicly stated in this case.

Perform not forget that you could be framed in the targeted traffic breach resulting from charges, and that the inspection bodies include possibilities of measures to turn out to be taken by.

In a nutshell, inside cases where a operater who also drives a electric motor vehicle after drinking alcohol plus doing splitting involving cars, causing the death connected with a good person, assumes a good risk characterized by ultimate scams.

You recognize About animated marketing video clip production

Team Sarvotarzan designs Software package Explainer Videos, Internet site Explainer Videos, Product & Program Explainer Videos in highest quality. So, if you will be not equipped to describe the solution / services hcg diet plan App functions or Website Navigation to the Traders / customers / buyers then you can obtain the Explainer videos by Sarvotarzan and it will help you a lot around describing your own product.

Just what are explainer video lessons plus why use them?

An explainer video (also known as the homepage online video, overview online video media or the conversion process video) is made to explain your company, item, services or subject inside a way that your own audience can understand around two minutes or less. Most explainer videos include four key points: typically the problem, the answer, the capabilities and benefits, and typically the solution works. The key to help a solid explainer video is keeping this small and engaging, although still advertising the appropriate information. No matter precisely what youre describing, an explainer online video should leave your own audiences with a clear understanding of what you are and even a desire to get the alternative.

When together with how should My spouse and i apply an explainer online video?

Explainer videos are generally used towards the top involving the funnel (consideration phase). They’re most useful as soon as a potential customer understands their problem/need and starting to look at potential solutions. Spots to put your explainer video: homepages, product or service pages, news letters, trade shows, and even income meetings.

What are some characteristics of a great explainer video?

2d explainer or maybe less
Clear together with exact
Conversational tone
A focus on benefits not necessarily functions
Certain call-to-action
How really does Sarvotarzan create a strategy for an explainer video?

It all starts with development – understanding the company, item, service as well as subject we’re trying to help explain. Once we employ a good handle on issues, we meet as the team (that’s right, the whole team), in order to come up with ideas creative approaches to provide in addition to clarify the content. This specific includes throwing out an abundance of ideas, good and bad, before getting on the couple for you to refine in addition to ultimately field. Sometimes we are definately use a system, such as a metaphor or work with case, to explain exactly what you do. In some other cases, it will always be a unique visual approach that will runs the message real estate.

A superb explainer video principle needs to balance creative and approach. The creative is definitely required to engage often the customer and give them all a good reason to treasure watching your video. Typically the strategy is required for you to ensure you supply a good message that resonates together with your viewers and drives them to take often the desired action.

Is always that Truth Gel Nails For just a Complete One of a kind Look

Beautiful appearance does not necessarily only sign up for the glowing face and dressing style these nights but prim and appropriate designed nails also include glamor in order to one’s character. The artistic art in nails employing accessories together with paints plus bright colours are the taste associated with the modern century between young ones. An image of a new beautiful woman can be partial without impeccable manicure. Inspite of so a lot of unpleasant toenail care therapies, a lot of women can be definitely not prosperous in acquiring long beautiful nails.

Gel nails own become a hit with today’s woman as these are a wonderful way for you to express their persona by way of the fun wear upon the nails. These toe nail gels normally come within two forms – with out lighting and light healed gels. These are created by means of a new pre substance gel liquid mix that should be applied on the toenails. After the application, the fingernails should be kept under the UV bulb to treat the nails.

Typically the not for UV gels do not really need any UV light for the cure as there is an added chemical activator in the particular form of gel that will can be strayed upon the nails. These solution nails are similar in order to the polymer-bonded nails as one can have on German tips, paint them or maybe airbrush them with model. gelenaglar.com like different nails can be worn according to a person’s ease and mood. You can record these nails within the condition you wish – pearl, round or maybe square and these look absolutely like all natural nails. The flexible plus thin glossy appearance makes it a big hit amid stylish women.

Gel toenails are much more superior to help the fiber nails also as they require low maintenance and are scent free nails than polymer nails. Also, contrary to the acrylic nails, gel nails do not chip that effortlessly. These are not porous fingernails that could also protect your current fingernails or toenails from mould and even fungal infections. You can quickly sculpt these nails inside the styles you want to. The wide selection of colors and types can actually give you a good deal of options to create upwards your nails.

These carbamide peroxide gel nails enhance the search on the nails simply by supplying them a complicated and all natural look. These come in many types to get the best look for any kind of occasion. You can purchase pastel nail gels, summer months toenail gels, metallic nail bed pastes, various colored and many different nail bed gels for diverse occasions. These can be built to look even considerably more appealing with the toe nail art upon it. There happen to be a lot of approaches by which you possibly can emphasize and adorn your own personal fingernails. Beautiful nail art models can be made on the nails by adding papers to the nail paint which will can actually jazz right up the nails. You may as well make use of nail artwork add-ons such as 3D nail 3d stickers, rhinestones, acrylic stones, ceramic bouquets and crushed covers for the glam look.

Great things about Online Gambling: Top Motives to Gamble Online 353456

The on the internet gambling industry is among the most successful field on the web. Many people around the globe are wagering upon sports entertainment online, playing on the web holdem poker, bingo and even this lottery online in one of the thousands of gambling internet sites available on the world wide web. Even people who possess by no means visited a area centered casino or a good local bookmaker are finding themselves visiting on the net casinos and poker rooms in some sort of regular basis.

So , what makes gambling on the internet thus captivating? Sure, you can play any game of your own choice without needing to leave the favorite chair. Even now, an individual will not be served free beverages; you is going to not be able to watch the overall game you possess wagered on via massive TV screens; you possibly can not see the facial words and phrases of your poker competitors nor to hear the particular sounds from the coins drop from the slot machine game whenever you hit the big lotto jackpot…

Here are often the benefits of gambling online comparing to conventional poker:

Diversity: how else are you able to jump from an on the internet poker space to often the craps table and to the bingo hall when staying seated on your nearly all cozy chair? Most on-line internet casinos feature a giant variety of casino family table games, slot machine games and online video media poker devices. Moreover, inside a lot of major online casino companies you can swap from online casino gaming to help online sports betting with the same username and bank account.

Bonuses: where otherwise could you receive free dollars for you to gamble with? The majority of on-line casinos offer 100 % free funds bonuses in get to entice new clients and to keep up using the rivals. The bonus products can start via twelve dollars free exclusively for accessing the casino software program to some sort of couple of 1000 cash for completing the specific required amount of raked hands

Convenience: obliviously, exactly what do be more practical than actively playing your beloved casino game in the comfort and ease of your own home when listening to your own favorite music and even having your favorite beer? Let alone being drengo.net to place your supplier on hold each time upward anyone want to take the break

Smoking plus Outfit Codes: whether you are a good smoker or a new no smoker, when an individual are gambling online you are free from obeying typically the rules. Similar goes to get dressing, eating and consuming; you can either smoke no halt or stay in a low smoking surroundings; wear your own sloppiest clothing or keep bare; try to eat, drink, converse on the phone, watch TV SET, whichever

Atmosphere: when you happen to be gambling on the web, there will be not any cocktail waitresses who will sedate anyone having free drinks and distract you from beating the vendor. In improvement, you can set an atmosphere of your selection that can include clocks or even a new cause of day light

Beginner Good: a land based online casino can be an overwhelming place for the newbie risk taker. The average internet casino, in the other hand, will be much more beginner welcoming than its brick and even mortar comparable. Interactive guides, play money modes in addition to the option of preventing social embarrassment caused by simply misunderstanding of the regulations together with codes of actions is a more pleasing allowed for the newbie casino gamer or even poker player

Basic safety: indeed, gambling online is usually less dangerous than playing in the land dependent casino and carrying major amounts of funds funds in your pocket. Almost all online internet casinos are dependable and reputable businesses that could definitely not risk their track record and lose their customers foundation by scamming their online players

In addition to be able to the list of rewards described above, online wagering offers the same opportunity with regard to people with disabilities or maybe those who cannot manage traveling from their point out to play in some sort of legal land based gambling establishment.

How To Locate And Get rid of Rats

Rats are usually destructive, illness transporting pets and you don’t would like them anyplace near often the inside or even outside your own home.

To get eliminate of rats, you earliest need to determine exactly where the mice are get together as the idea makes simply no sense placing traps throughout the cooking area if they are in the attic for occasion.

Once rats removal service have located where this vermin are nesting, the idea is time to come across and close off almost all accessible accessibility points in your home. Consider the rat can obtain a great opening that is simply half a great inch big.

Look for cracks in this home foundations or maybe within any room where right now there are almost any wires or perhaps water lines that key in into your home. Also check outside and within the basement, cupboards and some other regions looking for holes for being sealed. When a person have located these slots stuff them with metal wool as that can cut the gums of this rodents if they test to chew delete word.

Mice maintain a tendency to chew through most components, so one of the best ways to seal off off of any probable gates is with cement, sheet meshing, or some kind of metal material. Regarding additional protection add some shards of a glass to help wet cement to deter rats from purchasing entrance.

Rats are fascinated in order to drinking water and are now living in sewers and could turn out to be drawn to the scent regarding foods in the waters lines of which connect to be able to the bathroom. If a person find a good rat inside your bathroom pan spray dishwater liquid directly into serving, close lid, put things off the minute or two together with afterwards flush.

One connected with the very best techniques to get rid regarding rats, is to work with a snap trap with a bait associated with the little amount of peanut butter distributed over the organic cotton ball as this is going to attract the particular rats plus you will find of which the bait works much better than having a item of cheese within the trap. As rats are rapidly and have the potential to grab the bait and get away from before often the lure snaps, test also tying the silk cotton golf ball on with dental professional floss your teeth as this should get jammed in their the teeth and halt their attempt to escape.

Look for spot the trap where an individual discover holes or tipp poop, taking proper attention to place that aside from reach of youngsters or maybe family pets. If as a last holiday resort you do decide to use rat poison choose one that once the rats feed on it can go away like some poisons can eliminate the rats nevertheless they die close to where they already have eaten the poison and you really are left with an upsetting smell the place that the rats.

Engenheiro civil com orçamento limitado: 7 dicas da Grande Depressão

Bem Vindo A Marinho Engenharia & Serviços

Onde Construímos O Seu Sonho.

Buscando Engenheiro civil sp?

Construir faz parte de nosso ser, desde o inicio dos tempos estamos construindo desde cabanas de palha a imensos arranha-céus.

Hoje estamos aqui para apresentar o que tem de mais novo no mercado da construção civil.

Somos uma empresa familiar que esta em constante crescimento. Venha nos conhecer..

Solicite Seu Orçamento

Projetos, Consultoria, Administração de Obras, Refomas sp, Construção em Geral, Alvenaria, Sinteco, Gesso, Elétrica, Hidráulica, Pintura e muito mais…

Nossos Serviços

Oferecemos os mais diversos serviços desde o projeto até o acabamento da sua obra.


Planejamento de toda a obra e todos os cálculos.


Construção e reformas em geral.


Tire duvidas com nosso Engenheiro Chefe antes de construir.


Pintura Residencial, comercial, estrutural e airless. Buscando Pintor em Bh?


Projetos estruturais, plantas, e pericias.


Projetos, instalação e manutenção de redes elétricas.

Be aware of Cancer Insurance Plans and Why You Need It?

Cancer is one of often the most hazardous diseases in addition to every a person knows of which it is a lethal ailment that requires a great deal of money for typically the right medication and treatment. Yet, we all find out that it is not easy for any ordinary gentleman to spend a lot of cash in remedy and medication. It is quite difficult to collect a new huge amount of money to spend on typically the treatment needed for its treatment. In such condition, malignancy insurance plan is a good effective solution to reduce this burden of cost connected with cancer treatment.

Cancer Insurance coverage could be the type of product health insurance strategy that will helps to cover this risk of cancer tumor and reduce the expenses associated with cancer treatment. It is definitely created to cope with the modern time clinical expenses covering further cancer tumor cost that may possibly turn out to be covered by one’s recent insurance policy.

You need not have to possess some sort of pre-existing cancer situation to help be eligible for insurance policy.

Exactly what does Tumor Insurance Approach Cover?
Insurance policies coverage for Cancer differs based upon the insurance company and policy details but more programs cover both professional medical and non-medical expenses. Clinical expenses include extended the hospital stays, lab tests, procedures similar to stem cellular transplants in addition to additional illnesses specific treatment options and more. A number of the not medical expenses include property health care, reduction upon income benefits, kid treatment expenses and dietary limit aids.

Before buying the cancer insurance plan, this is quite significant to recognise that what is coated within the policy. You have to as well be careful to compare typically the benefits with your present health insurance plan to be able to see if you can find just about any overlap in insurance. It is definitely not necessary to purchase a new tumor insurance policy plan in case your established health insurance plan covers every one of the functions.

Is there a have for Cancers Insurance System?

There is always a conversation about disease certain health and fitness insurance plans, similar to cancer tumor insurance plan. Some individuals strongly believe plus help support them, while others believe it is just waste products of money as they are stuff plans and are seldom needed.

Yet according to Us Cancers Society, a single in to two men in addition to one in several ladies can build malignancy around their life span. And to help triumph over this dangerous condition costs, there is a step you can acquire to help overcome expenses in diagnosis of cancer.

With the good cancer insurance policy in place along with your current health insurance, cure will not have to turn out to be economic pressure. Alzheimer Versicherung gives affordable insurance policies solutions to get cancer the fact that can help offset the price of:

• Out regarding system specialists
• Trial and error solutions
• Travel and lodgings expenses related in order to treatments
• Kid proper care costs
• Day time to help day charges – charges and mortgage installments

If you have solid family background of the record of cancer, then that is better to proceed regarding insurance plan regarding the decease cancer tumor.. Persons with strong household background may look with the current health coverage and how can easily current plan consist of cancers insurance plan.

So, the idea is better to move for insurance policy policy for Tumor to reduce the cancers cure expenses if that have been diagnosis.

I feel Kathy and even working through one of the reputed Hospital in US. In this article Now i’m séance you about distinct Cancer tumor Insurance Plans and it is importance. You will definitely get benefited out associated with these plans. Nowadays Malignancy Insurance is being very helpful universally. So why would you kept behind? Take an chance to protect yourself and your family.